3 awesome LGBTQ quotes

  1. “Being gay is natural. Hating gay is a lifestyle choice”

    ~ John Fugelsang

  2. “When all Americans are treated equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free”

    ~ U.S. President Barack Obama

  3. “Some women can’t say the word ‘lesbian’…even when their mouth is full of one”

    ~ Kate Clinton, comedian


Killed for being gay

At a day and age where people discuss whether it is still necessary to come out as gay or whether it is redundant, we tend to forget that there are not only countries in which it is illegal to marry a same sex partner but also some in which being gay is forbidden under penalty of death. Here is a short list about those countries and why their government is strictly against any kind of same sex relationship.

Iran: the so called sharia law forbids any kind of homosexual intercourse. You will be executed, tortured or killed for lesser acts than kissing.

Sudan: three time offenders under the sharia law can be sentenced to death. The first two convictions result in flogging and imprisonment.

Saudi Arabia: all sex outside of marriage is illegal and sleeping with any muslim or non muslim of the same sex will be stoned to death.

Somalia: the southern region has imposed the sharia law. Same sex relationships are punished by death penalty. In the northern region you can be put in prison.

Yemen: Unmarried men will be sent to prison for one year, while married man can be sentenced to death by stoning for same sex intercourse.

Nigeria: it is not only punished with death penalty to behave homosexual, gay men and women also aren’t allowed to hold any kind of meeting or form clubs.

Mauritania: according to a 1984 law, lesbians face prison for homosexual sex, while men can be stoned to death.

Those countries are islamic states. Most of the laws had their roots in the strict regulations of their religion.

Nevertheless, there are muslimic countries, where being gay is legal, like: Turkey, Albania, Indonesia, Jordan and Mali.

Hopefully, that sad outlook on human rights is going to change in the next few years.

Ellen Page’s GAYCATION Trailer is out

Coming up on March 2nd, it’s Ellen Page’s and her best friend Ian Daniel’s new TV series “Gaycation” on VICE. The trailer recently came out and gives us a brief look at what the series is going to be about. The two are taking us on their journey through the LGBTQ cultures of different countries and continents. They’re exploring cities like Rio de Janeiro, Jamaica and Tokyo to show us, what it’s like to live in the various communities as a gay person. There is no place in the world without gay people. The only difference is how we get treated and what society thinks about us. That is exactly what the series is going to point out. We’re really looking forward to watch the two explorers on their ineresting journey.


You can watch the trailer down below:




Ellen DeGeneres’ 7 most hilarious moments

We all know her as a incredibly funny comedian and the nicest person there is. Let us show you some of our favorite moments and sketches.


1.) When she messed with Matt Lauer

It all started when Ellen discovered her huge love for pranking Matt Lauer and altered an interview scene where he talks to the 50 Shades Of Grey actors. Ellens team edited it and made it look like he’s undressing himself, wearing black BDSM clothes, playing with a whip and handcuffs. He then reacted with putting 1000 ping-pong balls in Ellens car. She made him look like he has a foot fetish as a revenge, while Matt reacted with putting  4 billboards with Ellen’s backsinde and coin slot shown saying:”need a plumber?”. Ellen finally got him by altering the Emmy Award video greeting 2015.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNi7KQQQjGg


2.) When she and Sofia Vergara did a CoverGirl MakeUp demo

Ellen stood behind Sofia, playing her arms, while Sofia had to read a text describing what Ellen is going to do next. That included smashing loads of MakeUp on Sofia’s face. She also took advantage grabbing Sofias boobs. Well played, Ellen!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4udYP7s8p8Q

3.) When she dressed up as Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara

Her Halloween costumes nailed it! She won’t only dress up as her celebrity friend but also impersonate them. Take a look!

Watch Ellen as Kim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4udYP7s8p8Q
Watch Ellen as Sofia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmpjwnI33SI


4.) When she played Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades Of Grey

From time to time she shows us the movies she shot but has been cut out of them. She herself says, that her work iin 50 Shades Of Grey was some of her best work. We agree!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnoZeGkhFGo


5.) When she appeared in the “Anaconda” music video of Nicki Minaj

That video went viral. She dressed up as Nicki and tried to move like her. It’s incredible how funny she lookes wearing Nicki’s outfits.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqp0km5VRj4


6.) When she toured with Taylor swift

This one is clearly some of her best work! She dressed up in a DIY glitter costume and surprised Swift with her wannabe Taylor look while she was dancing along the stage. You can tell that Taylor had no clue what Ellen was about to do!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmIQU2iq3oE


7.) When she taught us how to set up a Thanksgiving table

That sketch is not only perfectly written and hilarious on its own, but the bloopers made it stand out a lot. Ellen couln’t hold herself back when one of her stuff members appeared dressed up as a really realistic looking butch lesbian. Tears of joy!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peQ43ezWt2E


Let’s face it: Ellen DeGeneres is an amazing comedy genius and deserves all of our respect. Do you agree on that list? What was you favorite moment?

Who the hell am I?

I was born in Austria but moved to New York 2 years ago. My mother tongue is german so please forgive me for any grammar mistakes. My now 20-year-old mind always has some things to say. I am very bubbly in person which may be caused by the large quantity of coffee I drink every day. I am a so called lipstick lesbian, love my long, dark hair and I enjoy putting on mascara onto the lashes of my sparkling blue eyes. I travel a lot and really love sports of all kind but hiking has won my heart. I’m interested in fashion, lifestyle and I’m always looking for new healthy recipes. Studying spanish, psychology and philosophy I discovered my enormous love for writing and acting. I am addicted to SNL Kate McKinnon, Ellen DeGeneres, all kinds of funny people and YouTube. The words that describe my best are probably: interested in everything, outgoing, happy and yes, I am a dreamer and believe that you could do anything you want to do if you only work hard and stay focused.

My favorite: KateMcKinnon

Kate McKinnon is, like EllenDegeneres a very well known comedian. The 32-year-old very charming and extremely talented bombshell started with doing standup, shows like The Big Gay Sketch Show and is now the first lesbian cast member of Saturday Night Live. Born and raised in New York she always admired the work of Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer and Cheri Oterion SNL. She taped the show, wrote down all of the sketches and memorised them to enhance her skills. But becoming a comedian wasn’t the only job she really liked. She thought about becoming a teacher or an artist since she was an oil painter. The very artistic Kathryn McKinnon Berthold also played various instruments but she desided to become a comedian and starred at LogoTv’s  “The Big Gay Sketch Show”. It was like a little, less known version of Saturday Night Live but at least as funny and charming as the skyscraper of comedy shows in America. Kate McKinnon was one of the all-gay cast members playing characters like Fitzwiliam (the little english boy who really wanted to have a vagina). She was hilarious and she gorgeously worked with he voice and expressions. Back then she also did a lot of standup but her dream was to be on SLN or get a show on TV. After her manager sent in some of her material, she got an audition and finally debuted  SNL in 2012. She has now become a rising star, not only as a comedian impersonating Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, Olya Povlatsky or “somebodys mom” but also acted in some movies like “Sisters” by Paula Pell and the extremely hyped reboot of “Ghostbusters” premiering this year. She has already been nominated for an Emmy three times and won the American Comedy Award and the Ashland Independent Film Festival Award back in 2014.

In conclusion, Kate McKinnon is an outstanding, talented, very sweet comedian, actress and a showpiece of the lesbian community. She’ll always make you laugh but also has a nice and down to earth personaliy.


Where to watch the Big Gay Sketch Show:


Kate stays away from social media. You can watch her on SNL




My so called “COMING OUT”

I think the best way to introduce myself, a 19-year-old rainbow colored unicorn is by writing about my coming out story. So sit back grab a cup of tee or coffee and enjoy 🙂

Growing up I’ve always been a very bubbly child, not able to sit still and yes, I climbed trees. What a cliché. I grew up in an Austrian village with about 2.000 inhabitants. It isn’t a conservative place but people where talking about everyhing. I hated that village because I never felt really safe. Every secret got sprouded so easily and fast that I gave up on living my own life and just tried to fit in seamlessly. At the age of 13 I noticed that my friends changed. They are now kissing boys, talking about it all the time and a lot of drama and tears were involved. I just didn’t understand that. I talked to my parent and they just said: “Well, you are just a late bloomer” but in the back of my mind I knew that I was a whole lot different than I and everybody else thought. I never fell in love with those boys but I really, really wanted to be around some of the girls. There was one chick I just wanted to hang around with. I was so glad when she hugged me once but I interpreted that as being happy because she was one of the popular girls in schooland liked me. I then changed school and fell in love for the first time but I didn’t know that what I’ve been feeling was actual love. It was so complicated, weird and new to me. (And everybody knows that being a teenager is weird and confusing enough.)

Why would I? I don’t look like those lesbians! I have not got short hair and I do not fit into that community. Maybe I’m just experiencing real, true friendship for the first time? I stucked to just admiring her as a friend and just liking her personality. I’ve never seen a lesbian in person, no one ever talked to me about being gay, not in school, not at home. It was more of a curse word if someone screamed “YOU ARE GAAAAY”. I swallowed my feelings and moved on. When I was 15 I fell again and this one was serious shit. She was older than me, straight and broke my heart. I really loved her. For 4 long years. It was insane and nearly killed me but I started to think “well I might be bisexual” although I never fell in love with a guy before but that was just the most logical thing to me back then. I started to use those online tests like “are you gay?”, “how gay are you?” and I found out about… nothing. Disapointingly there was no formula to know how to be gay and why you eventually are. I wasn’t even sure if that feeling I had for the two girls was actually love. I mean I had butterflies in my tummy and I cried out of joy everytime I got a text from her and I always looked after her and wanted to know where she is right now, I wanted her to be around me 24/7 but…is that love? or obsession? do I want to be with her or just BE HER? live her life? you know? I wasn’t sure at all back then but looking back now it was the most toxic and obsessive but strongest love I ever felt for someone. Deep down I knew it all along but knowing means nothing if you can’t accept it. And I denied everything. Tried to find that one boy I would feel the same love for. I searched a lot I honestly was kind of a slut back then. I noticed that hooking up with boys equals being popular. People would talk about you and admire you in some way. My friends liked my partying stories and they laughed, I became more interesting. So I decided at the age of 16 that it is now time to have my first boyfriend and my first time. I just decided that. So I searched for the smartest and nicest boy in my group of friends, kissed him at a party and he asked me to be his girlfriend a few days later. I felt special and interesting, people talked about us and I was noticed by some female friends of him. But after some days he really annoyed me. I would’t pick up the phone when he called and I felt so uncomfortable around him or when he wanted to kiss me. I always needed a few shots of tequila before I could kiss someone. But standing there, in the daylight, getting a hug from him felt weird and sooo uncomfortable and unnatural although he was the sweetest, cutest guy I ever met. I broke up a month later, went to a party, got drunk and had my first time with a guy I haven’t known before, felt good afterwards because I was drunk, closed my eyes and pictured my female crush. Been there, done that, moving on. As I slowly accepted that I am eventually gay I kept on kissing boys at parties so no one would know a thing. I was so scared that now that I konw it, people could tell by just looking at me. I even had a calendar and I knew that I have to hook up with someone at least once a month. As you cn probably tell by now: I was far away from being confident or knew who I was.

After graduating from highschool I took some time to rethink everything and at the age of 17 I honestly and truely knew I was gay. Extremely gay. I followed a bunch of gay youtubers who really helped me out and showed me that every prejudice I had was bullshit. That society told me how my look towards the LGBTQ community should be, not myself. And that the way I live my life is not wrong or a sin. It is the only way possible for me to have a full and happy life. To feel like everyone should feel. Accepted, loved and right the way I am. It was a hard journey for me because it is never easy to accept something about yourself an communicating that to others, when you know some people you might love won’t be okay with that or they are going to see you in a different light now. But selflove is faaar more important than what people think or say about you. I feel better and freer than ever and most importantly I am proud to be the person I am. I am proud to be gay.

now what that is about

Recently I’ve been noticing something. As I was searching for inspiration or just anything to lessen my boringness I was faced by reality. I found just a hand full of good blogs specificly for gay women. The ONE blog I was searching for just doesn’t exist, which by the way left me in a really sad mood. So i decided if i can’t find what I’m looking for I should create that space myself. Spreading my opinion and some usefull tips or just my thoughts about living as a gay woman. This space should be about enjoying your life, having fun, sharing positivity, enjoying yourself. That is PRIDEtogo.